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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship? (Infographic)

Whether you are in a relatively new relationship or have been together or married for many years, Valentine’s Day is always a time of reflection on the state of your relationship. It may seem a little odd, but the way in which you sleep can tell you a lot about what kind of couple you are and how you interact with each other.

The way you share your bed might tell you all sorts of things about your relationship that you didn’t even realise. Your position when you are asleep, or going to sleep, is a subconscious action that reflects on both your individual personalities and that of you as a couple. For example, busy people might sleep with legs intertwined showing affection that there is not always time for in waking hours. Going to sleep alone and having different bedtimes however, could be a sign that your relationship is going through tough times.

70 percent of Brits sleep for 7 hours or more a night, which is a big chunk of the day and therefore a large portion of your time together as a couple. So how do you spend these hours? Are you one of the 27% of people who regularly get a bad night’s sleep? Are you a spooner or a hand holder, do you face each other or sleep on your front? And what can this position say about you and your relationship? Compare yourself with the sleeping positions below and see how your relationship measures up.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship?