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Dear Sirs


It is now a couple of months since I took delivery of my SNUG mattress and I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with it.


As an 80+ year old overweight male, I have had problems with sleeping for a number of years. Two years ago I decided to buy a single adjustable bed from a well known high street retailer. The bed came with a very soft int. Sprung mattress that was very comfortable while I was lying on my back but, because it was so soft and because of my weight, I found it most difficult to turn over or change position. I also found that the spring mattress did not truly follow the contours of the five adjustable sections of the bed. I persevered with it for a couple of years and then I found the SNUG website.


After a brief and most helpful chat with Michael I ordered a memory foam mattress that was delivered on time the following day as promised.


The mattress is both soft and comfortable but still firm enough to enable me to change my position throughout the night without difficulty.


My purpose in writing is, as previously mentioned, to tell you how pleased I am with the product, (I am tempted to purchase a pillow now), and to thank Michael for his help.


My thanks also to the Interlink Express delivery driver, (Daniel), who arrived on time and carried the boxed mattress to the bedroom.


I am sorry that I do not have a Facebook account in which to write my comments.




John Timpson

From: Jay 
Sent: 29 May 2012 12:46
To: Sales
Subject: Testimonial & Thank you
I just wanted to say thank you for the impeccable service. After an initial enquiry made by email (which was replied to in minuets) and a very helpful and pleasant phone call to your free phone number, we placed the order on Thursday and as promised the mattress arrived the next day before 11AM.
I have just been discharged from hospital with skeletal sclerosis and suffer from terrible chronic back pain so getting in to the correct resting & sleeping position is imperative. I am using the mattress on a electricaly adjustable bed and I have slept very well and been very comfortable since using it. The Coolmax mattress seems to deliver on all its promises and seems to work very well with the adjustable bed as your sales team said it would.
The only hiccup was that the pillow was not in the box but a phone call to the free phone number and a quick chat with your staff to confirm it was missing and one was sent out and delivered the next working day.
It is rare to find a company on the internet that really does deliver on all its promises made on its web site but in this case i can not thank you enough, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is in need of your products.
Kind Regards
Jay (Jason Walker)

From: Jean 
Sent: 28 March 2012 15:40
To: Sales
Subject: Testamonial ...
Wednesday 28 March 2012
I would like to thank you for the excellent Coolmax Toppers which I purchased recently.  I was very nervous when ordering because pain from a long term back injury means I am very fussy about my bed!  My old topper had served me well for 8 years and I had never slept on anything as good elsewhere in all that time but it was wearing out!  I researched the Internet well, and there were plenty to choose from.  But what caught my eye was the excellent layout of your site, the variety of sizes and densities on offer ....... and they were at an extremely competitive price although this, to be honest, was the least of my worries.  My own particular need for extra softness attracted me to your 50 kg model rather than the commonly sold 55 or 60 kg ones other sites had.  The ‘softness’ scales you set out were very helpful, and particularly the suggestion that a thicker topper would have a softer effect regardless of density.  I have ordered twice now and my 10 cm toppers arrived within 24 hours each time despite my living on the Isle of Wight.  And they have been terrific.  The quality is excellent, including the Coolmax covers which I now would not do without.  I now have two 2’6’ toppers side by side on my Kingsize  bed as I find it easier to handle two pieces than one large one; it took only a night or two for me to completely adjust and I wish I had done it ages ago! Thank you again for good service and an excellent product;  I have already recommended you to my friend and would do so to anyone.  Jean


From: Rod Gillingham
Sent: 29 January 2012 12:39
To: Sales
Subject: Testimonial
May I take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the quality of your product and the speed of service.  We ordered a 'King Pocket Spring 1000 Memory Foam Mattress' from you via Amazon on Wed. 24th January 2012, and after confirmation we informed that the delivery would be between 31st Jan. 2012 and 7th Feb. 2012.  We arranged our schedule accordingly, but imagine our surprise and delight when we had a knock on the door on Sat. 28th Jan. 2012 to find the delivery driver there with out mattress.  AND WE ARE IN THE SOUTH-WEST OF FRANCE.  A similar thing happened to some friends of ours in the same village, and they were as pleased as we were.  The French delivery driver knew we were English as soon as we helped him, as he told us that the French never help.  One nights sleep on the mattress convinced me that we had made the right choice, as for as long as I can remember, this morning was the first morning I awoke WITHOUT back ache.  Many thanks, and when we require a mattress for the guest bed, you will receive a call.
Rod & Angie Gillingham

From: Chris & Julie's 
Sent: 07 December 2011 19:21
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Order Confirmation (#10163)
We have had the mattress for several weeks now and felt it was about time we gave you some feedback. We would like to say thank you. We have found the new mattress to be a VAST improvement and it has had a really positive impact in our back issues. For the first time in YEARS we have managed to sleep better than we have in YEARS.
So, thank you so very much for all your help.........I just wish we had found your company sooner!
Thank you again.

From: Pauline 
Sent: 28 November 2011 22:06
To: Sales
Subject: RE: Order Dispatched (#10595)
My mattress topper arrived on Friday, one day after ordering.  I was so thrilled as I did not expect it until Monday.  And it is lovely.  We bought a cheaper one about 6 months ago.  The smell of it was terrible.  But this one has very little smell and is so comfy.
Thanks for all the good work.  It was worth the extra money.

From: Flanagan, JP 
Sent: 27 September 2011 16:37
To: Sales
Subject: Feedback from recent purchase
Importance: High
Good afternoon,
I spoke to a very nice assistant on the telephone about an order that I was hoping to amend before it was delivered.
Outcome was that she was able to sort it out for me, stop the incorrect order (which I did on eBay!) and take my details over the phone so I could change the mattress and pay for an upgrade from the 500 to 700.
She also gave me some fantastic advice in terms of which one to go for in terms of firmness and suitability too.
In this day and age, it seems only bad customer service is recognised and made public...it’s the good stuff that needs to be acknowledged when you receive it!
She is an absolute credit to your company, a lovely telephone manner and dealt with the call so efficiently too....would happily recommend your company..purely on being able to deal with people like her.
Please pass my thanks onto her and her Management Team, as like I said on the phone, her assistance was very much appreciated.
Best regards
JP Flanagan

Sent: 14 June 2011 12:00
To: Sales
Subject: My second review
Having brought a double memory foam mattress from you several weeks ago … I had no hesitation in recommending your company to my daughter, who needed a mattress for my grandsons new bed.
I ordered the mattress for her on Sunday evening and due to the fact that the one I ordered was out of stock: you very kindly contacted me on Monday morning and up graded the mattress to a different type of cover.
Thank you very much for help and advise with my purchases and also for your prompt service and quick delivery.
My mattress arrived at 9:00am Tuesday morning
So on both occasions I have excellent service 
Georgina Daffern

From: Tricorder [mailto:tri] 
Sent: 04 June 2011 15:05
To: Sales
Subject: Fw: My review

I have just written a review for Snug Mattresses www.snugmattress.co.uk on Review Centre.

Bear with me....this is a very positive review but first the tale...I needed a mattress....a memory mattress....so I popped along to the local bed shop and after talking to the 'bed man' I purchased one.  I tried it for one night and to say I was disappointed is an gross understatement.  It was nothing short of awful. I unzipped the cover to find it had a quarter of an inch of memory foam on top of normal foam.  I complained and got a refund and then did my homework and taught myself in a short time what I needed to know before I buy....and anyone looking at this, please benefit from my homework !!
Bed companies on the high street often don't specify quite what is in a matress with vague references like 'memory topped' 'supportive layer of memory foam'.
These are the main things I think you need to consider....
No mattress is made with 100% memory foam as without a supportive layer it doesn't work. So....you are looking for the thickest layer you can afford. Next, memory foam differs in quality. It starts around 40 and up to 85, 40 being the least (they are measured in kg/m3)  Again, high street shops and some website companies do not stipulate the quality of mem. foam they use. I would suggest again to choose the best quality you can afford but I realise that you may not require the very top quality as your weight will be a factor too.  The very best quality is Tempur at 85 kg/m3 but unless you have a bank account wanting to be emptied quickly, may I suggest, as I did, to go to the Snug website....
I was really impressed with the website as it gives all the information you need to make an informed choice. Once you know the basics, you can then compare what companies are actually trying to sell you and Snug do not hide behind jargon and selling tactics....they tell you exactly what you are buying beneath the shiny cover of a new mattress.
So....having the basic knowledge, I rang them.  I was greeted cordially and without any pushy selling jargon, was given lots of information about the company and the products. I did not feel imtimidated or pressured to buy at all.
I chose to buy Snug Supreme 1000 Double Outlast which is their highest grade of memory foam (75 kg/m3) with a 10cm thick atop of a normal foam.
Delivery was next day (brilliant!) and was delivered on time.  It came in a big heavy box and is 'vac packed' so you unwrap it and put it on the bed and it can be used in about two hours.  I had read reviews about odour but this was minimal.
What do I think after several nights??
Brilliant, marvellous, are just two words that don't begin to describe it!
I have arthritis in my spine. I usually wake up feeling like I have been run over by a bus but after only one night, I woke up feeling refreshed with much less pain.  The mattress supports you all over and my back feels 'secure' and at the same time, you feel the mattress is very gentle to the body.  I turn over less and haven't had those burning sensations in the hips and joints that I had on my normal mattress.
To conclude:  I would recommend to anyone who wishes to know, the Snug Supreme 1000 Double Outlast.  Don't be put off by having to buy from a website. The staff are great and the product brilliant and if you do find the mattress isn't for you then they even do a 60 day trial which I believe will cost £50 to return which is peace of mind...they seem to have thought of everything.  The high street seems to be riding on a memory foam wave but they are often selling vastly inferior products whereas Snug matresses do exactly what's on the tin!

You can see my review at: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Beds-
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From: den1 [mailto:] 
Sent: 03 June 2011 13:07
To: Sales
Subject: Service First Class!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I felt I had to write to you regarding your first class service. 

I contacted you on Wednesday 1st June 2011 for a possible purchase of a mattress topper. I had a number of questions I needed answering before I made the purchase, you answered all my concerns in such a informitive and pleasent way. I decided without doubt you would get the sale. You explained, I would be in receipt of the mattress topper next day which did happen as promised. On arrival, the product was well packed and of excellent quality. My best purchase to date.
All possible future customers look no further this is the place to made your purchase.

To all the staff at Snugmattress, you have created a benchmark for other company's to try and follow.
Well Done!

Dennis Robson

From: Allen Armstrong
Sent: 10 May 2010 09:59
To: Sales
Subject: delivery
To whom it may concern,
                                      Can I congratulate your company on the speed of delivery of your excellent product, I sure many a restful night will be spent on the Memory foam mattress and pillow,
  I've no doubt a company like yours will flourish with this standard of service and would recommend it most highly to anyone.
    Many Thanks. A Armstrong  (Extremely Satisfied Customer.)

From: Ren
Sent: 19 March 2011 10:34
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Order Dispatched (#5072)
Hi Snug Mattress Team,
My mattress arrived this morning as promised. I am delighted and just wanted to thank you for you exceptional service. I will feel everyone who listens how pleased I am with your level of service. Thanks again. 
Kind regards,
Ren Kerekere

FAO Debbie.
 Dear Sirs,
Confirming my telephone conversation with Catherine this morning (21st Feb 2011) I took delivery of our new Snug Supreme Outlast 500 Double Memory Foam Mattress
at 10 am today.
May I say on behalf of my wife and I how delighted we are with the mattress and your service including tracking delivery and finally your choice of couriers.
I ordered the mattress through Debbie late Thursday afternoon and it was delivered at 10 am Monday, having been advised by Debbie at 8.45am Monday that we could expect an A.M
delivery.    My order on Thursday afternoon was too late for Friday delivery and in any case Monday was quite convenient to us.
This is our second memory foam mattress and we knew what to expect in terms of comfort.   Perfection!    We felt that our guests ought to have the same comfort as ourselves so bought this one for the 'spare bed'.
It is considerably cheaper than our first (not from Snug) and looks even better quality so we have no doubts about value for money.  The complimentary memory foam pillows look equally good quality.  A nice touch.   Thank you!
Of course, it arrived in perfect condition and contrary to some reviews there is absolutely no smell whatsoever with our mattress.
We have no doubt that it will perform equally as well as it looks and would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in the future.  Great product; great service!
Yours sincerely.
JES of York.
21st February 2011.

 From: tony k
Sent: 14 February 2011 11:41
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Re: Order Confirmation (#4140)
Company's like to have feed on there product, I am 72 and i lost my wife in 2008 since then i have stuggled to turn our King size Mattress on my own and i hated going to bed because i new what a uncomfortable night i was going to get on our old Mattress.
Well i must tell you that since i have had a Memory Foam Mattress from your Campany i now look forward to going to Bed knowing that i am going to have a good nights rest! i get up now feeling more myself / Thank goodness i wont have to turn the Mattress over again i would recommened your Campany to any one, the Service was spot on.      
                                                     yours faithfully Mr A C Kerrell.

From: Tracy A
Sent: 03 February 2011 18:52
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Re: Order Confirmation (#3878)
Dear all at the Snug Mattress Company,
Just a few lines to let you know we received the topper, it went on the bed last night and we are very impressed with it. Your description of the item and its performance is very accurate infact it has exceeded my expectations. I would definately recommend you as a company, thank you,
Kindest regards Tracy 

From: PD & GR Griffiths
Sent: 03 February 2011 13:27
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Coolmax 5cm mattress topper-heaven!
Hello, I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the excellent service I recently received from you when buying my mattress topper.
I had been trying without much luck to find a replacement sofa-bed mattress to fit a now-discontinued Ikea sofa bed. The sofa-bed is currently slept on most nights and was not very comfortable despite only being two years old. I had read on another website selling memory foam toppers that people had successfully used a thick topper to completely replace the sofa-bed mattress , and as you sold 10cm Ikea sized toppers (the exact size of my sofa bed mattress) I was on the verge of ordering one from you when I decided to ring for advice.
I spoke to a lovely lady ( I think her name was Debbie?) who was so very helpful. She advised that  the 10cm mattress topper was in fact unlikely to work well without a mattress as support underneath-it would be too soft and the sleeper may feel the slats underneath- and suggested that a cheaper and better option would be to try a 5cm topper on top of the mattress-she even suggested ways of bulking up the height of my sofa bed and folding it up before I purchase the topper, so I could check that it would still fold up with the extra height!
Well, I’ve had my mattress topper for about 10 days now and I’m absolutely delighted with it-the sofa bed is amazingly comfortable, better than my ‘real’ bed in fact. It’s like sleeping on a big marshmallow! I used to feel a bit stiff and tired after sleeping on my sofa bed but put it down to being 43 and ‘getting on’ but now I have no aches at all and the quality of sleep is so much better. I would never have thought a mattress could make so much difference.
It appears to be very good quality and the delivery was quick-ordered late Friday and received Monday morning. I don’t think I shall ever go back to ‘normal’ mattresses again, and when I need to replace my others I would definitely return to your company. Keep up the great work and thanks again,
Gillian Griffiths

From: carole.m
Sent: 01 February 2011 15:31
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Recent order feedback

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent service - ordered the Coolmax 7.5 cm Memory Foam mattress topper on-line last Friday 28 January 2011, delivered and sleeping on it night of Monday 31 January!.... best night's sleep that I've had for over a week whilst recovering from a broken ankle and having to wear a plaster cast for six weeks.... just great not to wake up with an aching back and a well supported plaster cast!  A first class product and service.. 
Mrs Carole Moxon

From: Claire  
Sent: 01 February 2011 12:40
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Mattress Topper

Hi there,
I would just like to thank you for the wonderful service we have received from you, quick response to our order and very good communications including being able to track the delivery of the topper.
Our topper is now on our bed slowly swelling up to it's full size and we are both looking forward to a wonderfully comfortable and pain free nights sleep. Once again thank you very much.
Kindest regards

Claire Pearce & Julie Hood

From: Debbie Pearce 
Sent: 18 December 2010 09:08
To: sales@expressfoam.co.uk
Subject: RE: King size custom sized mattress

Dear Michael and Lynne,
Thank you very much for assisting with my purchase and delivery of my new mattress – it arrived on Thursday afternoon and we are really pleased with it.
I will leave positive feedback on your website – but wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help – buying a mattress on line that you haven’t seen on even sat on seemed odd, but Lynnes email and advice was really helpful, and Michael I do appreciate your help with getting the courier company to deliver,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


I purchased a snug memory foam double matress recently and i found it amazing and very comfy, i would definatley recommend anyone to buy a mattress from snug.co.uk, i am having the best nights sleep i have ever had, i would deffo buy another mattress from snug! but doubt i will ever need to again! 

Mrs M Ricci
a very happy customer

From: Pat Thomas
Sent: 29 September 2010 12:05
To: marianne@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Satisfied customer

I recently purchased a Snug Superior 750 Outlast double mattress. So delighted with the product we have ordered a single mattress. Website (www.snugmattress.co.UK) is excellent but I was still uncertain whether to get a topper or mattress. Marianne patiently talked me through the difference between Coolmax / Outlast fabrics, firmness and density ratings and I decided purchasing a topper for my existing 12 years old orthopaedic mattress might prove to be a false economy.
I didn’t realise how uncomfortable my old mattress had become until I slept on my new Snug one. What a treat! Nicely warm and cosy – Outlast fabric, as Marianne explained, is a good choice for people who tend to overheat in bed. I chose a 750 that is both supportive and luxurious. I am looking forward to years of restful sleep and know this mattress is a real investment in my future health and wellbeing.
Thanks to the Snug Team for an excellent product and friendly service.
Kind regards
Pat Thomas
From: Magdalena Gonzalez
Sent: 23 September 2010 13:40
To: lynne@expressfoam.co.uk
Subject: F.A.O Marianne
Importance: High
Having contacted various high end companies such as Tempur, I was amazed at how astoundingly expensive they all were so I decided to search the internet.  This can be a very hit & miss process, but I came across the Snug website.  I was firstly impressed by the whole look of the site, but decided to research this further.  They belonged to the right associations affiliated with bed & mattress makers/suppliers & also had an independant review process. On contacting them I was very impressed with their polite, helpful & informative manner.  Marianne was particularly helpful. I ordered a custom sized Ortho 750 Multizone Coolmax mattress.  Not only was I delighted by the extremely competitive price (they were also on sale), but to customize was only an extra £20 & the particular range I chose had a HM Revenue & Customs full VAT discount for people with long term physical impairments.  I received my customized mattress in under 5 days, which came with two free memory foam pillows. I have a long term spinal & knee injuries & this mattress has been a revelation to me.  I no longer awake with a horrendous back, no longer need to take any pain relief.  It is bliss to sleep on, supportive yet soft & cushioning.  The quality of the product is as superior as a Tempur - any day.  The pillows have also rid me of my stiff neck!  I highly recommend Snug & their mattresses to anyone, indeed several friends are considering buying one too!
Magdalena Gonzalez

From: Martinez, Fabrice
Sent: 24 August 2010 08:52
To: debbie@expressfoam.co.uk
Subject: RE: Order Confirmation (#4059)
Dear Ms Miller,
I would like to thank you for making the second delivery yesterday of the mattress topper  possible.
I have been very impress by the way Snug Mattress has handle my initial complaint and I never though that I will be able to enjoy the product I ordered and paid for so rapidly !
So again thank you for this Excellent customer services (which is sometime very rare with internet company) .
Kind regards,


rom: LF Tinckham
Sent: 20 August 2010 10:22
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Snug Team! (Marianne in particular)
Having selected the superking size memory foam and sprung mattress I then needed to speak to 'Snug' as I wanted it delivered to France.
On Tuesday 17 August 2010 I confirmed my order and at 0830 on Thursday 19 August the mattress and two pillows were delivered to the door!
Having had one night using the mattress we can confirm that it is exactly as described (but no smell as mentioned by some) and extremely comfortable.
It is beautifully made and we are delighted.  The service was helpful and cheerful and all in all a very good experience with this Company. Thank you. LFT (France)

Sent: 29 June 2010 18:39
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Re: Order Confirmation 

Dear Lin (who I spoke to by phone this afternoon) and all at Snug, thank you for my beautiful mattress received on time this afternoon (and yes I have tried it already!) The service, delivery and cheerfulness of the staff are second to none and I would happily recommend the company to my friends.  Well done to you all. Best regards, Sylvia 


-----Original Message-----

From: Nathalie

Sent: 23 August 2010 18:22

To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk

Subject: thank you


The spring mattress was just taken by TNT and I got the new one

(Supreme) early this afternoon.

Thank you very much with all the process, it was very quick and I am very happy with the new mattress.


Nathalie Sibert

Hi Michael,
I would like to thank you for your speedy response and replacement of our mattress, I have been very impressed with your company.
We had the new mattress delivered this morning and I have to say there is such a big difference in the firmness, as soon as I lay on the bed I noticed the difference, so much better. when we first got the original mattress I felt it was quiet soft and it took me a long time to get us to it, but the replacement is great.
Thank you so much, I would recommend your company without any hesitation.

I brought a contour memory foam pillow from yourselves 1 week ago, since then I have been having the best nights sleep since before the car accident last year that I was in, I sleep so much comfortably that I find it hard to get up in the mornings.  I will be purchasing from you again in the not so distant future.
Marianne Bye

From: Dave Parsons 
Sent: 12 May 2010 19:32
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Thank you The Snugteam

Hi, we would like to thank you for excellent service on delivery of our order which arrived today. As we only ordered online on Monday it was very good to have received it within less than 36 hours. We shall submit a review on the product within a few days. Many thanks and we will recommend your company to friends.  Dave and Eileen Parsons  ( Bristol)  order number  3182

From: Huw Thomas
Sent: 26 April 2010 23:23
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: New mattress

I just wanted to thank you for your recent delivery of a mattress and
2 pillows. They really are excellent, we get a very restful sleep; and after
getting used to a new mattress, I wake up feeling very rested.

Well done, a great product. My only regret is that I didn't get the
contoured pillow!

All the best

H Thomas

From: jackowen
Sent: 08 April 2010 17:59
To: sales@expressfoam.co.uk

for the attention of Sarah.        

April 8th 2010

Dear Sarah,

New mattress was delivered this morning and the faulty one collected.

I want to tell you how impressed I have been with the way in which you dealt
with the problem of our original mattress having a slight flaw.

In this day and age it is very refreshing to find a company who takes its
obligations seriously and deals with the problem in such a friendly and
efficient manner.

Please feel free to use this E-mail in any way you wish and thank you again


Jack Owen

West Yorkshire

From: Richard Brown
Sent: 25 March 2010 10:05
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: order

Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent customer service.  The mattress arrived at 8.30am, less than 24 hours after ordering it.  This is our 2nd mattress from you and I am not sure why anyone would want to pay up to 4 times more for a mattress when a Snug one is of excellent quality.  It’s British made too and that’s a good thing right now.
Richard Brown


From: Julia Wright
Sent: 08 March 2010 11:05
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Re Order 
Importance: High

Just a quick email to say ‘THANKS SO MUCH’ for providing such a great product. I don’t normally write these kind of testimonials but I believe in the quality of your product and think more people should be made aware. Another BIG plus for me was that this was ‘Made in the UK’!!!
I will be purchasing another memory foam mattress from you in the future.
Many thanks also for  processing and delivering my order so fast! Your quicker than a MacDonalds drive-through!!
Julia Wright


Sent: 26 February 2010 17:25
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Mattress

Hi there

We wanted to write to you to say we have never experienced such consistently good customer care. On the 19th January we ordered an Ultimate Outlast 2000 Memory Foam mattress from you and took delivery the very next day, which in itself was impressive. We did have to take advantage of the 60 night free trial though,  we both decided that this mattress did not afford us the flexibility of our old sprung mattress, but that the memory foam had already reduced back pain and hip pressure.

When we called you it was no problem to replace the mattress and Sarah was lovely and efficient setting the ball in motion. You even managed to bespoke a sprung mattress 1000/25 memory foam as they didn't come in the 160 x 200 cm size- many thanks to the manager who offered that service. When we called back Lynn too was very helpful and within three days of contacting you we had the new mattress installed and the other one picked up!

What a great team, what a great product, we are delighted with this and would have no hesitation in recommending you to family and friends and anyone viewing your website.

best wishes

Don & Margaret Murray

Keep up the good work!

From: Christine and Trevor Lodge
Sent: 23 February 2010 16:35
To: sales@snugmattress.co.uk
Subject: Mattress Topper

The mattress topper which I ordered on Sunday has arrived.   I am writing to say how delighted I am with it and also to say that your web site was very easy to follow, that your receptionist was most pleasant and your instructions with the topper were very clear.   I was most impressed with your next day delivery and I shall certainly be recommending your firm to friends and family.
Christine Lodge


Hi,  Just to say I have just received my coolmax spare topper cover and am absolutely delighted.  The fit is perfect and the quality of the material is superb.  Thank you for the speed of delivery and I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.


Kind regards Pam Kubica


Hello Michael,
Just thought I would write to inform you that due to the high level of after sales provided, I have now purchased an additional mattress for my girlfriend as i am very pleased with the quality of products.
Best Regards
Desmond Boyd



I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great service. Even though I had to take 2 days holiday to await dispatch of the mattress due to the snow, I found your customer service team exceptionally helpful and friendly and certainly gave me confidence in your service. They were fantastic in keeping me up to date and I will recommend you for anyone that needs a mattress. Needless to say the coolmax mattress is fabulous and I am really happy with it.


Thank you again and keep up the great work.


With warmest regards




Elizabeth Hunt


Thank you for the brilliant delivery service against all the odds. The mattress was delivered to time with e mail advice of the time slot and a follow-up phone call shortly before delivery. The men were really helpful. But this was after three days of heavy snow and ice on the road, and we were expecting nothing but a message explaining an understandable delay.
I would heartily recommend your excellent service to anyone, and indeed have already recommended you to a friend.
John and Caroline Adamson

20 December 2009

 Hi, I recently bought a super coolmax 3000 memory foam mattress from you,

We didn`t know anything about them. We were attracted to your product because of the very good warranty period. Of 2 month`s. If we didn`t like it ,it could be returned for a small cost. My wife has suffered for a long time with arthritis in 2 of her bottom disc`s in her back. Most morning`s she is unable to get out of bed without my help. But since we have had your mattress, she is a different person in the morning,[ thank god.]

She can actualy sleep now for most of the night, before whenever she turned in bed. She woke up with the pain. I am aware that we have a good long time to return this mattress, but since we have been using it, only a matter of 3 week`s. we shall not be returning it to you. It make`s a change in this day and age to find something that actualy does what it say`s on the tin, so to speak. You have our permission to use our email in your advert`s if it is helpful to you. Thank you very much.

Your`s sincerely mr mrs degg.


Just thought I'd like to say how impressed we were with the speedy arrival of our new mattress! Thanks for a great service.
Allyson Bending


Hello Lynne,
  Many thanks for your help yesterday on the phone. We spoke late morning about my returned topper cover. I had ordered the wrong item and you ordered a mattress cover to replace it for me. 
  I couldn't believe it when at 8.15 this morning the new one arrived. Service doesn't get better than this and I will be recommending you to my friends! The new cover is now on the bed and fits beautifully.
Mrs Pat Smith


Hi there,

 I have received my mattress topper on Saturday and it is really amazing! I

have had back pain for 6 Weeks due to a muscle injury and struggled to sleep

for countless nights and now I don't wake up once! The mattress adapts to

your body and it is indeed just so comfortable! THANK YOU!


Barbara Andrade




Just to say thank you for all your help with this.  The mattress topper arrived on Friday and is just what we wanted. It is lying on top of the electrical raised mattress provided by the occupational therapist, but gives Kieran the feel of the memory foam which we are so used to. He has had a much better night tonight.

Many thanks


I would like to say thank you.
The mattress and pillows I ordered arrived as promised yesterday, well packaged and in perfect condition as described on your website.
When I phoned to order on Wednesday afternoon I was unsure which mattress to order but received good advice and a very competitively priced product.
My son slept in his new bed last night and said it was fantastic.
We are absolutely delighted and very happy to recommend your service and products to others.
Mrs P Webster


many thanks for quick delivery of topper.was very apprehensive of  buying topper but pleased we did .had 3 great nights sleep after months of restless nights.wife has parkinsons but finds topper is a lot more comfortable and can turn easier at night. will recomend you to all our friends.  j dickenson


Arrived at lunchtime and in perfect condition.  Driver was very helpful.
It is now unpacked and on the bed.  Very comfy.
Thank you for a seamless experience and fantastic price.
Best of luck.


Thank you for all the help and advice you gave me over the telephone. 
The lady who answers the phone is an asset to the company.
 I am impressed by the service .
Great Value,  superb mattresses.
Faultless customer service ,will recomend your company to anyone.
Thank you
Bruce Thompson

Hi Lynne
Just wanted to confirm, the mattress arrived yesterday, slept on it last night – what a revelation! The best night’s sleep I’ve had in months J
Sallie Phillips


Thank you for an excellent service, comfortable mattress and for such a friendly person {who knows what she is talking about -  certainly a rare treat these days} at the end of the phone.We will certainly be recommending you to friends.

Debbie Prince Warwick

Many thanks, arrived early this morning - terrific service!


David Wheeler

Having had osteo arthritis for the past 9 years,made the best decision ever to buy a supreme 2000 mattress,The best nights sleep for over a decade,thanks a million.

PS Dont be put off by dearer inferior copies

Robert Willis

Name:maria cougan

wow what can i say the best nights sleet i have ever had.

Service was fantastic
Keep up the excellent work


Hi there,
Would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted we are with the memory foam mattress. The services was amazing, rang to order the mattress and it was in my house the following day ! It's beautiful quality and knowing a bed bug can't live in my mattress, you don't have to turn the mattress at all is just fantastic, plus you get a choice of pillows ... wow !
Many kind regards, Reba

Hi Lynne,

Just a quick mail to say I received this.

The mattress topper came highly recommended from a friend who had used your site and it is possibly the most comfy thing i've ever slept on. My mattress was starting to go (springs in the back etc) and buying this has saved me forking out a lot of money for a new one. I was so impressed I've already forwarded your site details to several friends in the same boat.

Not sure if you do testimonials but if you do, feel free to use this and many thanks for restoring my lazy weekend mornings in bed!!


hey snuggly people :)

just wanted to thankyou for such an awesome matress! i ordered the 1200 pocket sprung matress with memory foam from you in march and just wanted to say how fantastic the matress is. whenever away and staying at a friends i just cant help longing to be snug on my snug matress! the other half is the same!

thanks again!

Dan Hobley

I would just like to say thank you for a very prompt and efficient service, The web site was very user friendly and i couldnt be more pleased with the service i have recieved. I am very pleased with my purchase.
thanking you  Denise Newson

Thank you Lynne Had an excellent night sleep on my new matress.Will certainly select to other people. R.Goodman


S Furse
Just a note to say what a wonderful mattress it is,the best nights sleep we've had for years.also the service you give is superb,with delivery exactly when stated,once again many thanks

Hi there, I just wanted to contact you to say how impressed I am by the service you gave me. I had a few problems with payment online, therefore called a lovely lady who was efficient and friendly at about 1pm on a Friday, then received my confirmation within an hour and my order 20 hours later. 

I would definitely recommend your company and products - we are loving our new mattresses and topper.


Dear Sarah

We recently bought a mattress from you and are so pleased with it.  We have been sleeping so well and it feels so luxurious. 

Thank you for all the help you gave over the telephone.  This enabled us to choose the right one for us.

Delivery was exactly as stated and the mattress came in excellent condition.

Won't hesitate to recommend you to family/friends.

Thank you.
Mr & Mrs Burt

Hallo Snug mattress team
I am writing to say MANY thanks for your excellent service - how refreshing to find a company who does what is promised and in such a pleasant way.  We used the topper last night and are thrilled with it.  I am now keeping my fingers crossed that it will help cure my bad back and Sciatica.  The TNT courier who brought it was so friendly too - WELL DONE SNUG MATTRESS!!
Many thanks again
Mrs. Winifred Scott


I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with your product and level of service.  We ordered our mattress from you on Wednesday afternoon, and by Thursday at 9.30 it had arrived - you obviously have a very well-organised delivery system, so different from what one often encounters
- and with free delivery too.  The mattress itself is great, really comfortable, and your well-designed and straightforward to use website made the buying process really easy. 

Thankyou once again,

Daniel March


Hi Lynne, I must say the service, price and delivery was spot on and the mattress its self is far better than i imagined. I have already recommended you to friends on forums i visit.

Many thanks for a good nights sleep

Mr. J Peddie


Firstly, many thanks for your service provided so far it has been a pleasure and joy to buy from your company and my daughter is having her first night's sleep on her mattress as I write this. My enquiry is about the mattress, would I be able to put the snug into a zipped waterproof mattress protector?
Would this effect the snug mattress function at all? 
Many thanks for your help, Donna Ellis


Firstly, many thanks for your service provided so far it has been a pleasure and joy to buy from your company and my daughter is having her first night's sleep on her mattress as I write this. My enquiry is about the mattress, would I be able to put the snug into a zipped waterproof mattress protector?
Would this effect the snug mattress function at all? 
Many thanks for your help, Donna Ellis


Hello Lynne
I just wanted to let your company know how very pleased we are with the 3" king-sized mattress topper we bought on 15 March; received 17th! It is wonderful. We have now bought a mattress protector which covers everything and holds it in position and that makes the comfort even better.
Your communication, delivery times and service cannot be faulted and we are delighted that the product is made in Britain.
I am certainly going to recommend you to all our friends and family.
Freda C Yates (Mrs

Thanks so much to Sarah for being so helpful yesterday, the mattress arrived safely this morning & is on the bed! We are very grateful & will be sure to recommend you to our friends & family!
Angela & Tony Whittington

I would just like to thank you and praise you on the wonderful service I have recieved from yourselves. I ordered a mattress on Thursday and as promised it arrived yesterday without any problems and I had the best night sleep in a long time. The price is also very good.

Many thanks and I will certanly recomend you to friends and family.

Michelle Hindmarch

Hi,lynne walker, a big thank you so much. I have received my cover for my topper,its lovely and 
i am very pleased with,you were right,it does make a massive difference,i had the BEST SLEEP last night for YEARS AND YEARS, i would like to say a MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU TO YOUR COMPANY...I have spent hundreds over the last 4yrs on beds,featherbeds etc etc,but this topper was worth its wait in GOLD...thanks again, i will recommend your company to anyone..many thanks again.(And would you mind telling me HOW long does a memory topper normally LAST??) because when i need to get a new one i know where i am going to get mine from..(YOU).thanks

Annette Alexander

Name:Mrs. P.D Pett

Many thanks for quick delivery. Excellent service.


just a note to say what a wonderful mattress it is,the best nights sleep we've had for years.also the service you give is superb,with delivery exactly when stated,once again many thanks

S Furse

Hi there,

I just wanted to contact you to say how impressed I am by the service you gave me. I had a few problems with payment online, therefore called a lovely lady who was efficient and friendly at about 1pm on a Friday, then received my confirmation within an hour and my order 20 hours later.

I would definitely recommend your company and products - we are loving our new mattresses and topper.

Hi Lynne,
Just a few words of complaint about our new mattress!! My wife and I feel the pain of trying to tear the mattress of our backs each morning a bit of a
grind:) (just kidding). She and I find it is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in. We have traveled the world over and slept in quite a few beds in our time, but this is toasted marshmallows with champagne!!!!! Did I mention it is verrrrrrrry comfortable.

Thanks a lot Dave & Helen J.
 P.S the delivery was 1st class,just when we wanted it.

I received my mattress and two pillows at 0940 today, the ordering service, delivery and product are excellent, well done,
Kind Regards
David Cranny 

Hi Lynne,
Thank you so much for your quick response.  It really has been a pleasure dealing with you as a company.  Now a days you just never know when you are ordering on line but you have provided a fantastic service.
Thank You & Kind Regards
Natalie Baverstock

Hi Snug!

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the Coolmax Mattress Cover.

We are very pleased with the quality of materials and manufacture and delighted to find that it was so easy to put on, with the zip running round three sides. We weren't sure about this when we ordered! A nice touch also having the zip at the bottom edge of the mattress so that you are not aware of it when it's on the bed.

And the icing on the cake was that you delivered it exactly when we asked for it.

Very refreshing compared with some other online sites!

Many thanks again and best regards

Nick Jones

Thank you team!

Brilliant service! Both on the telephone and via email. Well done.

 Kindest regards


Dear Sirs,

Having received the above purchase, I would like to thank you for your excellent service and efficiency. I must say that your Web site was both helpful and easy to follow and you delivered when you said you would.

We are delighted with the quality and comfort of the product and would recommend your company without hesitation.

Many thanks.

Regards, Mr.&Mrs.J.Mulchrone.



Just a note to say we are delighted with our mattress and your excellent delivery service. 
We will have no hesitation in recommending your company to our family and friends.
Take care
Bill McEachran



Just wanted to let you know we've had our mattress for around 6 weeks and it's absolutely fantastic. Only problem is getting up for work!

Susan James

Thank you for your great service when I purchased my mattress. It arrived on time and in excellent condition.

I have recommended your product to my friends and family,

Thanks again,

Mrs Carmen


thought i would write to you now that iv had my mattress for about 6 months and i must say its the best thing iv ever bought i suffer from cronic back pain & for years i found it hard to get comfortuble on any mattress & i avnt slept right for 24 years but in the last months since i had the memory foam mattress iv realy slept well the wife says im catching up on lost sleep i dont have to take sleeping pills now {which my doctors pleased about } & i feel a lot better in the mornings now that im sleeping well no more sitting up half the night not being able to sleep....GREAT...
any ways just thought i let you know your mattress as helped mo no end thanking you


Mr Winstone,
I would like to tell you how fantastic my husband and I, have found our new mattress.
I suffer from P.P.M.S. (primary progressive multiple sclerosis) which, if you are unfamiliar with this condition, it is a breakdown of nerves, and the messages that the nervous system carry around the whole of your body.
Anyway, with my condition, I am unable to move around independently, especially when lying in bed, which means that during the night I would be woken up by incredible pain because I'd been lying in the same position for hours, which in turn means that my husband (who is also my primary carer) would have a broken sleep, because he would have to set his alarm clock, to enable me to have a pain free night.
As you can imagine, this is far from ideal, BUT since sleeping on our memory foam.... mattress we haven't had one night of pain or broken sleep.  I can actually wake up in the same position that I feel asleep in, and I feel absolutely fine, so my husband also has a wonderful sleep.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your mattresses to any one regardless of their health status, and I've told some of my M.S. friends about you, and I don't mind at all if you want to use this letter to advertise your mattresses, because they simply are fantastic.
I think today's society are too quick to complain.  They would rather contact people to air a fault, but not many actually say thank you.  So THANK YOU SO MUCH, for our brilliant mattress.

Yours faithfully
Mrs C F Murray-Clay



Just wanted to say thanks for the best nights sleep in months! Our topper arrived yesterday and it's the first time in months we've both woken up pain free.  Can't think why it took me so long to bite the bullet and buy one, I'll be telling everyone I know to buy one from you!
All the best

> hi
> just wanted to thank you for the best value for money mattress iv ever 
> bought...My disability requires me to have a good mattress, and that 
> is most definitely the case here...ive recommended your site to 
> others.
> well done and thanks once again.
> jimmy miller


Hi Lynne

Thanks for the great service from everyone at Snug.  I can't believe that there is still a company which actually adheres to the specified delivery date!  My partner and I are very pleased with the whole service from begining to end.
We shall definately be recomending you to everyone we know.


Jules & Alan


Thought you might like to khow how satisfied my husband and I are with our Supreme 2000 mattress which was delivered just over a week ago. The mattress is so comfortable and although it is so different to conventional sprung mattresses we got used to it straight away.  I have always been a restless sleeper but toss and turn so much less now.

There were a few 'communication' problems to begin with, resulting in the wrong size being delivered {and it was no mean feat, moving lounge and garden furniture in order to re-wrap and transport the king size mattress to the garage prior to collection}but this was sorted out very quickly and efficiently. The only disappointment I have is that on showing your website to a friend, I notice that the prices have all been reduced!


Mrs P Martin


I ordered a supreme mattress and pillows in august for my wifes birthday. It
arrived exactly ontime and was as described. Having now given it a long
enough testing i can only say it is superb in both function and quality.
Well done! great service from start to finish, my wife says it has even
fixed my snoring!


Hi Lynne/Michael,
Many thanks for the mattress and pillows which were delivered as arranged, sorry for not thanking you sooner, pc problems.
Anyway, my Wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality and comfort of this mattress, we are sleeping much better and not wanting to get up in the mornings.
I am still recovering from a serious coccyx injury and a fractured spine and was not sure if this mattress would help, I only wish that I had purchased it sooner.  Due to my accident I have neck problems as well and hope that the pillows will also help over time.

I have already recommended you to my sister who is interrested in the memory foam pillows.
I am pleased that I decided to use Snug.

Kind regards
Terence Doyle


I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience buying from you guys.
I am unable at this time to adequetely describe just HOW COMFORTABLE the new mattress topper we purchased from you is. Great Value, great quality and a great sleep! We feel soooo much better after a decent nights sleep. Thanks for the speedy delivery, with no postage cost surprises for living in Scotland.

Kind Regards

S. Aitken


Good afternoon Sarah,

Thank you once again for a superb service.  The mattress arrived in perfect condition this morning.  I will sing your praises whenever any of my friends are looking for a mattress in the future.

Once again thank you.

Kind regards


Really impressed you do what you say. My grandson is delighted with his mattress and pillow and I know where to place future orders.
My husband and I already have a memory foam cool mattress bed and we love it. We both suffer with our backs and it was one of the best home purchases.
I have always been slightly sceptical about using online companies that you have not heard about. I had no need to worry . I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
Thanks very much.
Jenny  Williams
Order received promptly, thank you so much. Absolutely thrilled with mattress, brilliant and helpful service. It was however a bit of a shock phoning you and having a human answer the phone, no options, no automated service, such a lovely surprise and the lady I spoke to gave her name and was so helpful as I had tied myself in knots with all the different options. Well done all at Snug we will be recommending you and your service.
Jayne and Philip Collins

Dear Michael

I was a little aprehensive about receiving my new mattress..All your advice was spot on it is absolutely fantastic. Service/Delivery 10 out of 10.

Best Regards
Pru Parker.

I just wanted to thank all the staff at Snug, they have provided wonderful service, advice and customer support. I think I would be hard pushed to find another company who offer such a fantastic product for such a competetive price with such good customer service! Anyone browsing this site should stop right here and order, they will not be disappointed, even down to the delivery company, reliable and just fantasticn all round.
Thank-you so much for making my life and my nights much more comfortable.

Best wishes Laura Curley and family.

Hi Lynne,

Thanks a million for sending the topper so fast for me, you are all smashing folks there and so kind. Now you will be pleased to know that my sister; Mrs Ann Kember will be phoning you on monday to see if she want's a double topper at 4ft 6inx6ft6inx3"so perhaps you can help her too. Many thanks again and the next time i am near thornwood i call in to say hi. Kindest regards

Ken Herbert.

Dear Sarah,

I think my trial period is now just about over. Thank you so much. If you would like to reclaim the mattresses, I must warn you that you has better send a detachment of the Brigade of Guards or an SAS contingent or maybe both 'cos that is the only way you would get them out of this house and I would still be lying on it. Unfortunately not quite got rid of all the aches and pains, but I don't think I will complain about 98% positive and the remainder I am sure are surgical. Before I go and say Thanks again, my dear wife wants to know if you have any ideas of how she can get me out of the flipping thing in the morning? Pleasant dreams!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and may 2008 bring you ever increasing sales, so giving many more people the sleep they deserve.

Best Regards from a contented customer . . . .
Brian Smyth
Dear Snug,

Just to give a big thank you for not only a very quick delivery, but also an AMAZING BED. It is so comfortable I wish I could live in it!! getting up in the morning has just got a whole lot harder I can tell you...

Also the free pillows are fantastic!!

Best Wishes, from a very satisfied customer

I never thought that i would get such a great nights sleep, the mattress was terrific, it kept me comfortable and cool all night. Fantastic product and fantastic service from everyone at Snug.

Many Thanks


Many thanks for the excellent service, all questions were answered, delivery 1st class, the mattress takes a little bit of getting used to, persevere! it gets more comfortable every night!!

Pam Sharman

Good Morning,

As a result of an injury whilst in my 20's and I am now 60 I have always suffered back problems, sometimes worse than others. Lately I have had troubled sleep because of backache and struggled for a while after getting out of bed.

As a result we ordered a mattress and pillows from you and they arrived yesterday afternoon.

I went to bed last night with a mixture of feelings, I was looking forward to it working, but dreading it not.

I have to say 'what a difference a mattress makes!' I had a very comfortable

night's sleep and got out of bed this morning with no aches and pains.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and let you know I am impressed with your product. I appreciate that was just one night and time will tell if it continues, but I think the difference was so remarkable that I believe it will.


Chris Upham

Have already bought two mattresses this month - am presently in New Zealand until mid March and desperately need one here - do you have any contacts - have been promoting your mattresses and quite a few sales in the offing in Scotland - am in the process of lobbying Parliament to supply them to all over 60 years of age - much cheaper than pain killers - my old Mother aged 87 was on such strong pain killers that her GP could not prescribe them - had to come from a Hospital Pain Clinic - two weeks later - not even a paracetamol is required!!!!!!!!!!!! - if this comes off I would be looking at some commission - any way of being an agent in UK meantime?? -

Tina Wilson
Dear Sarah and Co
Many thanks for the great service you have provided and for our lovely new mattresses - we all had a great nights sleep !

Take care
Love Jackie x
It was just a quick email to say thank you so much for my new mattress, it is absolutely wonderful !!! and at such an affordable price !!! I know it was supposed to be next day delivery and there was a little bit of a mix up, but the customer service was faultless. The lady was extremely helpful and the problem sorted straight away. I was also kept up to date with the delays. All in all I am a very happy bunny. So well done you, keep up the good work. It's not often you come across a company with such a positive attitude. I would definately reccomend you !!!
Many thanks,

Mrs J Eades.

Thank you for your very prompt delivery of our Mattress It was a pleasure doing business with you please use me in any recommendations. We have enjoyed the last two nights sleep ( what a difference to ordinary mattress) and looking forward to tonight ( who would have thought going to sleep would be a terrific experience.)
I have returned the guarantee by post as well as by e mail
Once again thank you

James Wilkinson

10 Years ago I had a fall and injured my upper back and although I have tried many different kinds of Matresses over the years I was resigned to waking up every day for the rest of my life with a constant ache between my shoulder blades. 4 days ago I received my Snug Topper, and from the first night the problem completely disappeared. I feel 10 years younger (I wish I was 46 again!)

I must also make mention of the great sales support from Sarah, who very efficiently, and cheerfully, changed my delivery date at the last minute after a problem arose at my end.

Best Wishes to you.

Many thanks for snug topper, ordered Tuesday,delivered Wednesday, in use same night. Excellent product, good night's sleep.
Thank you,


Dear Snug (Sarah ?)
I am just writing to say a big thankyou for your service and help inpurchasing the Memory foam mattress. I would recommend anyone to try oneof these as it is unbelivable and undescribable to express the differenceit makes to a nights sleep. I would go as far as to say they will be the
mattress of the future.So from two vey happy satisfied customers a BIG THANKYOU.......R. Dickson

I wish we had purchased one years ago.
Hi Michael, Sarah & Wilma

Thank you very much for the delivery of our new snug supreme super king-size mattress.

We are delighted with the purchase of our new mattress, so much so that we have been inviting all our family and friends round to try it!!!

My parents are looking for a new mattress, so I am desperately trying to convince them to purchase a snug supreme. I'm sure they will love it as much as we do.

Please can you give me a quote for another snug supreme for our spare room? The bed in there is a small double (4' x 6'3"). I'm not so sure that is a good idea, as we will probably not be able to get rid of any visitors once they've tried it, but hey ho.

I look forward to hearing from you,

best wishes & thanks again,

Dear Snug,
I would just like to say how happy I am with your product and service. The mattress was a dream to sleep on I have never had such a good night sleep. The mattress came next day as stated.

Excellent service,

Best Regards,

James Clements.
Woodford Green.

To all at Snug I would just like to say thankyou for the wonderful service received by you. I ordered the mattress topper yesterday morning and it is now on the bed
ready for us to have a good night's sleep tonight.Thankyou to Sarah for all the help on the telephone yesterday and for her perseverence in getting to work in terrible conditions. Had she not been in I may well have gone to another company for the mattress. It was a delight to speak with her, both yesterday and today when I rang to thank her.How great to have a British company, selling British made goods!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all.

Dear Snug,

Just wanted to let you know that the mattress was receivied yesterday. Had a great night's sleep on it last night! Really great product and great customer service. I will have no problem recommending you to all my family and friends.


I really must express our considerable gratitude for both our wonderful superking mattress and the exceptional standard of service I received from your staff.On the mattress side, my wife is pregnant and I suffer from a complicated ankle (broken twice): she is now happily sleeping on her side again, while my first three steps each morning no longer involve lurching around like Oliver Reed. Meanwhile after five years of amicable squabbling in a cramped double, the alarm-clock now has to work overtime just to wake us - the mattress is supremely comfortable.As for the customer care, your colleagues happily answered some particularly asinine questions before delivering our mattress (and free pillows) in record time. To know that our mattress was effectively 'made to order' really sets your business above the grotty margin-driven warehouses and their half-interested employees.So THANK YOU very much indeed - I have already recommended Snug to several relatives and friends.

Just a note to say I am delighted with yuor high level of customer service. Michael was extremely pleasant and helpful to deal with and our mattress arrived quickly. A good quality product at a very competitive price.

Many thanks
Alison Redford

Although I believe my wife has phoned you already this week, I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding level of service we have received from you.Our original choice of mattress was not suitable for us and we feard we may have spent our money rashly. However, Sarah immediately said that something could be sorted and sure enough the next day a second matress arrived and the first one taken away without any fuss.The mattress we now have is wonderful and we now know that we made the right choice both in terms of product and cost by shopping with Snug.

Once again many thanks
Rev Phillip Amey

Many thanks for the superb Mattress Topper and Pillows. So Glad I took your advice and bought the 3 inch Topper in the 80kg / 5 lb foam as being on the large side, this would be more beneficial to me. Worth the extra, and my wife was impressed with the Quality of the cover. Once again can’t thank you enough for the excellent service I received from your company. What a great nights sleep.

After suffering with my back on a new bed purchased only 12 months ago. I heard about memory foam mattress toppers, so i did some research through the Internet to find out more about the benefits.I then found your Web site after searching many others. I must say i really thought i would be wasting my money on yet another gimmick. But bad backs are no laughing matter, so i thought what the heck spend the money. I must now confess to a good night's sleep with no back pain in the morning. Your product is wonderful, what a great invention. I was quite impressed with your Web site too, easier to navigate than the other site's i had visited for the same product. Value for money also. I have already recommended you to a few people, my daughter is already considering her purchase after trying it out.

Thankyou from a Very Happy Customer

Hi Just to say that the mattress arrived safe and in excellent time (fast) my wife has had very good nights sleep on it and i am a lot more comfortable with my Sciatica since we have had this memory foam mattress. Have recommended you to my next door neighbour so you may have another order soon.

Many thanks
Mick Logan

A Very Happy Customer

Hi there,
Ordered two mattresses yesterday at 14.10. Received today at 16.15. Thank you for the best servive I have ever had. I will highly recommend you to any-one.

Thanks Again
Grant Anderson

Excellent Service

Thankyou for the excellent service. Sarah was very friendly and efficient. The mattress topper arrived before 12 as promised. Fantastic, would definately recommend.

Many thanks
Suzy Wellman


Hi Lynne,
Delivery spot on, bed brilliant, thanks alot.

Lesley Wallis


Thanks for your great service - the mattress arrived this morning just after I opened your email. The delivery drivers wanted me to get it out so they could have a go! It's going in our holiday home which is let out all year round (I had a few complaints about the previous mattress which was not very comfortable). Hopefully guests will appreciate this one! Thanks once again for your prompt service.

Jackie Caddick


Hi Lynne,

Just wanted to thank you guys for a superb service and ensuring such a speedy delivery! Looking forward to going to sleep tonight. Could you possibly mail me a receipt please.

Dulal Ahmed


I have done so now. And by the way just to say, the mattress is fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. When I first read some of your customer feedback comments, and especially about the guy who had a problem parting with his... mattress every morning, I thought this was a lot of air!!!

Well I can now humbly say I have also join the ranks !!! ...The air is definitely in the right place!!!

Thanks again.

Michael Kibaris

Hi, Lynne,
My wife  and I have been using our new mattress for 24 blissful nights and are both agreed that it is  the most comfortable bed that we have both used in over seventy years of life. As an arthritis sufferer anything which allows me  a decent nights sleep is most important to me and at last I have found that elusive something. I was most apprehensive about increased levels of heat in the bed but my fears were unfounded and I would recommend your product to anyone.

Many thanks for your wonderful product and once again may I say that your service was magnificent.


Howard Saies

I would just like to say thank you. We bought one of your mattresses about 6 weeks ago because I suffer from backache and I have only had backache once since. I have tried several mattresses in the past but with no joy. At last I can sleep soundly. Thank you so much!

Kindest regards