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Memory foam pillows are not necessarily the first thing you think about buying if you're weighing up the options of memory foam, but they can be a very good investment. As well as giving you the necessary comfort for your head, they also mould around you to give some extra support. Our contour memory foam pillow is designed to fit around the curve of the shoulders and ensures that your spine stays in the correct position, even when you are asleep. The cradling shape helps you to drift off comfortably, reducing the risk of waking up with a sore neck.

There's also the option of having a traditional shaped moulded memory foam pillow instead. These are ideal for replacing standard feather and fibre pillows, to give you that feeling of your head being nestled in. Working in a similar way to the contour pillow, the moulded one will cradle your head and offer extra support to your neck and spine.

You can have your pillow fitted with Coolmax technology to help manage and wick away moisture. There's also the opportunity to choose other coverings, including Outlast technology - a textile used by NASA astronauts which absorbs and releases heat allowing for perfect optical thermal comfort and Purotex Tencel technology (which contains a pro biotic to keep all house dust mites at bay).

.These offer the option of ensuring your pillow is hypo-allergenic, so you can be sure to keep any allergies at bay when you get into bed. On top of that, they ensure your pillow absorbs any moisture quickly. This helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and keep the nasties away.

Don't forget, we also offer free next-day delivery. You can get your new pillows quickly and be sure that they're ready for you to have a great night's sleep.