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Snug FAQ'S

How do our mattresses compare with Tempur™?

The Tempur material is 85kg/m3 and our Snug Original mattress and topper range is V 85 kg/m3 HD and is manufactured and tested in the UK. Please be aware there are also some variety of 85 kg/m3 density foams coming in from China and Eastern Europe which may not yet have undergone stringent fire retardent BS7177 testing in the UK.  All of our products are tested by Fira to BS7177 and you can request test certificates for any of our products at any time.

Snug™ Supreme memory foam mattresses  are comprised of 60 and 75 kg/m3 kg/m3 density visco elastic memory foam.

Our Snug Original and Platinum Toppers 85 kg/m3 foams have an ILD rating of approx 13-15 and BS ENISO2439 Method B 20015cm.

There is a big difference in densities in the memory foam industry, with the lowest priced examples at 40kg/m3 (3 lb), up to 85 kg/m3 (5lb) 


How long is my mattress guaranteed for?

Snug™ Original, SupremeVL and Superior mattresses and V85 HD toppers have a Ten (10) year manufacturers warranty.

Snug™ Super and Pocket sprung memory foam 50 kg/m3 density mattresses and toppers for Five (5) years. Covers and pillows are guaranteed for 1 year.


Does it matter what kind of bed base I have?

Snug mattresses are suitable for slatted bases, solid top and sprung base divans. Please note a solid top bed base will have a firmer feel than a sprung top base and this will affect the feel of the mattress.

Slatted bases are the most suitable allowing increased air flow. Please note for Pocket sprung mattresses the slats MUST not be more than 3 - 4 cm apart otherwise this will shorten the lifespan of the mattress. Solid top beds will give a firmer feel and sprung top bases the softest feel. Please call us on freephone 0800 027 7017 for more advice.


What about dust mites and allergies?

Snug™ mattresses and toppers use polyurethane foam and latex which is dust mite resistance and hypoallergenic, ideal if you are an allergy sufferer. 


How is a memory foam mattress good for my back?

Because the memory foam moulds to your body's contours it allows you to sleep in the most anatomically correct position, perfectly supporting you and relieving any pressure. The visco-elastic foam mattress moulds to your body heat and the downward pressure you exert on it - therefore it supports you evenly, and you don't get areas of high pressure as with a standard, sprung mattress.


What other benefits do they have?

Ideal for promoting a restful sleep. Studies have shown that because of the, supportive pressue relieving nature of visco elastic memory foam it reduces the amount of movement (tossing and turning) by up to 80% - one of the key causes of restless sleep. 


I have heard that Memory foam can make you feel hot, is this true?

Although memory foam mattresses have the ability to retain body heat more efficiently than standard mattresses due to their composition, Snug™ memory foam mattresses have an open cell structure to allow air to circulate freely through their layers and all of our mattresses now have cnc cut "airflow systems" and their purpose is to allow air to be circulated between your body and the mattress. Another great feature of the latest generation memory foam mattresses are the Coolmax and Outlast te,perature control covers. These are smart fabrics that control body humidity and don’t allow your body to overheat.


How long will it take for me to get used to a Snug™ memory foam mattress?

Some people are completely comfortable on the mattress right away, others need some time to adjust to the remarkable amount of support and unique pressure relieving feel of the mattress (some call it a "floating" feeling). We offer a Sixty night trial on all of our mattresses.


Is there any weight restriction on the mattresses?

For heavier people each between 15 stones (95 kg) up to 18 stones (114 kg) we suggest you maybe consider (if budget allows?) our Snug Original 85 kg/m3 HD and Supreme 75 kg/m3, Serenity 75 kg/m3 kg mattress and topper range. Because of the higher durability and quality this will offer a longer lifespan. Heavier people may also prefer the 25cm deep mattress. These weights are based on each individual.


Do I ever have to turn a Snug™ memory foam mattress?

No. But we would recommend the occasional rotation  every three months, in order to aid longevity of the memory foam performance.


Do your mattresses and toppers comply with UK furniture and fire regulations?

All of our products are compliant with UK BS 5852 & BS 7177 flammability standards and tested by Fira, manufactured by British Vita foam and Carpenter. Beware of cheap inferior imported non tested products. Snug mattress are approved members of the National Bed Federation (NBF).

Due to health and hygiene reasons, we are unable to exchange or refund Snug Pillows or spare covers once the packaging has been opened or damaged unless faulty. 


Can I use a hot water bottle or electric blanket?

Yes, just place your electric blanket on top of your mattress or topper; you should also make sure your blanket is turned off when you get into bed.


Can I get a non-standard size mattress or topper?

Yes, Snug can offer bespoke sizes, and have done so for customers who want the luxury sleep experience in their caravans and boats. We can manufacture by measurement, or for complicated applications, by template. Delivery for bespoke orders can be under a week, although you should allow up to 1-2 weeks. 


Will my mattress come with a cover?

Yes. All mattresses are supplied with either CoolMax™, Outlast  or Tencel Purotex zipped removable covers that can be machine washed at 40 degrees (do not tumble dry).


What is the difference between memory foam and ordinary foam?

Memory visco elastic foam is temperature sensitive. It feels firm when cold and softer when warm, which allows it to mould to your body as your body heat acts upon it. Normal Polyurethane foam does not respond to temperature.


I’m unsure whether to buy a memory foam mattress or topper?

If your mattress is only a few years old and still provides good support, then you can purchase a topper and use it to give your existing mattress memory foam "feel". If you are intending to replace you bed in the next couple of years anyway, we recommend you buy a memory foam mattress.


When my Memory Foam pillow and overlay topper arrived, they were quite hard. Why?

One of the characteristics of Memory Foam is its reaction to temperature. A cold temperature makes the foam much firmer. Once the foam is exposed to room temperature and your body heat, the foam will become supple and supportive. You should allow up to an hour at room temperature to allow the foam to soften before use.


How and why is the Snug™ mattress so competitively priced?

We manufacture all our products using state of the art machinery in our own factory in the UK. We sell directly to the public through our web site and do not supply wholesalers or retailers. This enables us to sell our mattresses directly to the customer at the lowest possible prices.


Do you have a showroom, so we can try one out?

We are a manufacturing company and we sell direct to the public via our website, this is how we keep our prices so competitive. 

Please call us at any time on our free phone telephone number 0800 027 7017 and our team will be pleased to offer you advice.


How is it packed?

Mattresses and toppers are vacuum packed and rolled for easy transportation ensuring they are delivered to your door perfectly sealed in a clean and hygienic condition. Upon receipt fully unroll and leave in a warm room for approx two hours before use. We vacuum pack and roll our products on the day of dispatch and we recommend you do not leave them rolled for more than 1 week.


Does vacuum packing affect the shape of the mattress or topper?

No. Once unwrapped the mattress or topper will soon regain its original shape. Roll packing our products means that we can keep delivery costs down to a minimum and we keep your purchase protected from damage whilst in transit. It also makes it easy to get what is normally a very bulky product into a less accessible bedroom (for example in an apartment building or attic room). Many of our competitors lack the expensive technology required to carry out this effective process. We only use the very finest materials and products are only packed on day of dispatch.


Can you dispose of my old mattress?

Unfortunately no, but your local council will be able to do this, for a small charge.


What happens if I’m out when my Snug™ product is delivered?

The courier will leave a card at your house with the consignment number and a contact telephone number. You must call the courier directly within 24 hours to re-arrange delivery at a more convenient time. If you fail to make contact with the courier the items may be shipped back to Snug™ – unfortunately you will be charged again for re-delivery.


Can I choose a delivery hour or day?

Orders placed before 2pm can be delivered next working day or day of your choice. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday will be delivered Tuesday or a day of your choice. Saturday deliveries are also available at an additional price. We are not able to deliver on Bank Holidays.


Density and Hardness?

The higher the density of the memory foam layer, the heavier the memory foam and the closer the cell structure. This will provide better support and a longer lifespan.

The density does not determine the firmness of the foam. The ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) rating is the specification that determines firmness.

ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) is a rating system used in the United States and Europe to gauge a memory foams hardness or softness.

ILD rating is calculated by the amount of pounds or weight that is needed to achieve a 25 percent compression on a foam using a 50 square inch indentation.

Snug Original 85 kg/m3 visco-elastic material has an ILD rating of approx 13-15.

Visco-elastic foams can be hard to calibrate as the hardness of the foam changes due to the foam being temperature sensitive.

The lower value can indicate firmness in warmer conditions while the higher value could indicate firmness in colder conditions. The range basically tells you how firmness changes with temperature for a particular mattress.



Softening of the foam over time is normal and should not be seen as a fault. The Foams utilized will settle in use and could compress and feel softer to varying degrees due to the weight and shape of the sleeper – resulting in body impression. There is no cause for alarm; this is normal “settling” and is not a structural or design defect.

Allow a couple of weeks to become use to the very different feel of a memory foam mattress or topper and remember that indentations from body weight will recover during the day.



Some residual foam odour may be apparent when first unwrapped, this is quite normal and not cause for concern. Our products are wrapped immediately after manufacture. Please give the mattress time to air, leave unwrapped in a well ventilated room for several hours. The industry term for this is "off-gassing".  It's caused by the manufacturing process and being packaged in plastic that doesn't breathe. Many people say the smell is similar to a new car smell and they don't object as long as it dissipates within a reasonable time. Please be assured this is completely safe



Yellowing of foam is a natural occurrence and will not affect the performance of the mattress.


Manufacturing tolerences for the foams

+/- 20mm on length and width up to 2000mm

+/- 3mm on thickness 50mm -100mm

+/- 4mm on thickness 100mm -200mm

We use the latest generation Computer controlled CNC machines to manufacture our own products for precision and accuracy.

All sizes quoted are for the finished product.